Dental aesthetics
Dental aesthetics

Wellcome to my website


I am Ferran Puigrefagut Cos, technician at LabDental Mollerussa laboratory. I would thank you for spending  your time surfing the web and observing some of the cases to whom we dedicate our  time every day..

 This is an open space accessible to everyone , but it was especially thought to be useful for dentists which are particularly dedicated on dental aesthetics and prostheses rehabilitations, as well as for all the laboratory technicians specialized in porcelain stratification.


Nowadays restoration of the biology and oral functions are approaches that the patients take for guaranteed , pointing them their main expectations to regain or acquire oral beauty fullness. These targets are only reliable if there is a rigorous work by both, the dentist and the technician, moreover it is necessary a good and detailed communication between them and the patient. Our daily practice is revolves around the creation of dental aesthetics, which means as is indicated in its definition, copying or harmonizing our work with the nature , making our art inappreciable. With this idea on my mind, I encourage you to entertain, criticize and enjoy the pictures as much as I do  with my job.